Paper Dolls

PaperDolls. You may know them as the Redhead Express: Kendra, LaRae, Alisa and Meghan. They have performed in almost all 50 states at state fairs, arenas, stadiums, churches, casinos and corporate events. In their 11 years together they have amassed upwards of 3,000 shows and over 3,000,000 YouTube views. But peel away the acclaim and the glamour of the stage, and they are four sisters who grew up surrounded by the mountains of Alaska. Fishing, hiking & camping were their favorite past-times, and carhartts & bare feet perfectly acceptable fashion-wear. They grew up on salmon, moose-steaks and the northern lights. This is and will always be at their heart. Wild, untamed and real. Unconventional, non-conformists.

This is where it started


Tel: 208-908-3938

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