Victoria Grace


Victoria Kelley is the lead singer and mandolin player.  Her soaring, powerhouse vocals and clean, virtuosic mandolin playing is a force to be reckoned with. Victoria attacks her musical crafts with a strong sense of devotion and laces her performances with undeniable feeling and passion; stealing hearts and bringing folks back for a second time. Victoria loves songwriting and creating original music for the band. "I love music because I can express exactly what's on my heart through a song in the most satisfying way. I can use that gift to touch people's lives on earth,  and hopefully forever",  says Victoria.  

"Their primary vocalist, mandolinist Victoria is a terrific singer with a very distinctive sound.  Keep an eye on this bunch. They are doing something unique and worthwhile, and Victoria Kelley has a star quality about her." - John Lawless via Bluegrass Today 2017  She is currently studying Songwriting at Berklee College of Music Online.

Bethany Faith


Bethany is the fiddle player, banjo player and vocalist of the group. Bethany displays a fascinating array of virtuosic instrumental talents and qualities, as well as being an excellent composer and arranger of original music. She attacks her musical gifts with an unbelievable  work ethic, which is inspiring. Since an extremely early age, Bethany has shown a rooted desire for the love of music and how it can affect people. She maintains a clear vision of purpose and spirit in everything she does. She establishes and conducts a high level of professionalism and critique, not only to herself, but to the band as a whole. In her own words she states "Music expresses what the heart says or longs for, and what the mind cannot put in to words.  I believe that music is a powerful emotion and can be used as a tool to change the world around us." She is currently studying Audio Engineering at Berklee College of Music Online.

Daniel Kelley