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Welcome to our Patreon! We are The Paper Dolls. We love creating Americana music and sharing new original songs, as well as fresh takes on covers. We wanted a more intimate way to connect with our audience and the wonderful people who have supported us thru the years. We would love to give everyone a sneak peek of everything we have been working on and welcome you to the Paper Dolls family!!!!  Looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all! 

The Paper Dolls 

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Paper Dolls is a multi-award winning band of 3 siblings from Nashville, TN. Multiple standing ovations in packed theaters, festivals and concert halls are routine occurrences whenever Paper Dolls takes the stage. They hold crowds captivated, performing original songs, as well as fresh takes on covers, alike. Each performance is built by electric energy, humor, passion, realness, and soaring vocals. 

Keep an eye on this bunch. They are doing something unique and worthwhile, and Victoria Kelley, the lead singer, has a star quality about her." ” - John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

Pray for Rain (Official Music Video) - Paper Dolls

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Paper Dolls debut single " Pray For Rain" download available for radio

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